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Questions? Call 385-200-9292 or email

Associate of Science

The Associate of Science in Communication degree program focuses on the basic communication skills highly sought after in relationships, business, and industry. 

Twenty (21) courses / Sixty (60) credit hours.

Program Objectives

  • Analyze the theoretical foundations of communication to forecast trends in current society.
  • Develop an understanding of the quantitative and qualitative research methods in the field of communication.
  • Apply communication effectively in the workplace.
  • Compare and contrast the legal implications of the use of all types of communication.
  • Apply research methods in the field of communication.

Associate of Science in Communication Degree

Course No. Course Name Prerequisites Credits
BA201 Introduction to Business None 3
BA271 Macroeconomics BA201 3
CM101 Principles of Communication None 3
CM110 Developing Critical Thinking Skills None 3
CM220 Presentation Skills None 3
CM225 Research Methods in Communication CM101 3
CM241 Public Relations CM101 3
CM251 Mass Communication CM101 3
CM258 Conflict Management CM101 3
CM285 Diversity and Inclusion None 3
CM301 Survey of Communication CM101 3
CM310 Communication Ethics CM101 3
CM346 Advertising and Promotion BA201 3
CS110 Introduction to Computers None 3
EN111 Composition I None 3
EN115 Technical Writing for Business None 3
GS150 General Biology None 3
MA125 College Algebra None 3
NS101 New Student Orientation None 1
PF101 Academic Strategies None 2
PY141 General Psychology None 3
  Total Credits Required   60