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Questions? Call 385-200-9292 or email

Bachelor Of Science
Business Technology Development

Preparing students for entry-level positions in the computing field with a particular emphasis on website software development

Forty-one(41) courses / One Hundred Twenty (120) semester credit hours


  • Develop a broad-based understanding of the functional fields of business and their interrelationships in complex organizations.
  • Identify and analyze economic climate and business trends in a global business context.
  • Utilize information technology to improve communication and management decision-making.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of fundamental concepts and theories of computer technology including program and development concepts.
  • Collaborate with key players to identify user requirements and functionality for development projects.
  • Utilize advanced problem-solving and critical-thinking techniques to design, develop, and use complex computer applications, data analytics systems, and security protocols.
  • Through degree completion, demonstrate the depth of knowledge sought by employers for entry to mid-level positions in the business technology field.
Course Course Name Prerequisites Credits
BA201 Introduction to Business None 3
BA205 Principles of Management BA201 3
BA210 Organizational Behavior BA201 3
BA271 Macroeconomics BA201 3
BA272 Microeconomics BA271 3
BA280 Accounting BA201 3
BA316 Cost Accounting BA280 3
BA356 Human Resource Management BA205 3
BA358 Production and Operations Management BA205 3
BA375 Ethical Decision Making BA201 3
BA410 Intro to Management Information Systems CS110 3
BA420 Business Law BA201 3
BA436 International Business BA201 3
BA445 Effective Leadership BA205 3
BA448 Team Development & Motivation BA205 3
BA490 Project Management BA420 3
CM101 Principles of Communication None 3
CM110 Developing Critical Thinking Skills None 3
CM220 Presentation Skills None 3
CM258 Conflict Management CM101 3
CM285 Diversity and Inclusion None 3
CM436 Group Communication CM101 3
CM457 Intercultural Communication CM101 3
CS110 Introduction to Computers None 3
CS100 Coding Foundations None 3
CS277 Introduction to Programming in Python CS100 3
CS301 Front End Foundations — JavaScript CS100 3
CS382 Database Foundations CS100 3
CS384 Python Software Development CS277 3
CS497 Advanced Web Development – React CS277 3
EN111 Composition I None 3
EN112 Composition II EN111 3
GS150 General Biology None 3
HI171 World Civilization I None 3
HI172 World Civilization II HI171 3
MA125 College Algebra None 3
NS101 New Student Orientation None 1
PF101 Academic Strategies None 2
PF499 Career Strategies End of Program 3
PY141 General Psychology None 3
    Total Credits                120