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Questions? Call 385-200-9292 or email

Will you accept transfer credits?

An applicant who wishes to receive a transfer and/or equivalent credit evaluation prior to enrollment must provide official college transcripts and training certificates. Transfer credit evaluations will not be performed using unofficial transcripts. After a student enrolls in the University, there is no charge for a transfer credit evaluation. The transfer credit evaluation serves as a guide for determining the remaining coursework required for the student to complete his/her desired program of study.

Course content and instructional quality varies across institutions and, because of this, NCU does not consider grade points for work completed at other colleges or universities. Therefore, transfer credit neither raises nor lowers a student’s grade point average. Only grades of C- or better will be considered for undergraduate credit and B- or better for graduate credit. In addition, the University has established the following limits on the maximum credits that are allowed for transfer into the degree programs.

Maximum Transfer Credits that May Be Awarded from All Sources
Associate Degree up to 45 credits (15 courses)*
Bachelor’s Degree up to 90 credits (30 courses)*
Master’s Degree up to 18 credits (6 courses)**

Computer and technology courses must have been taken within the last five years.