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Questions? Call 385-200-9292 or email

Full Stack Development Certificate

The Full Stack Development Certificate program focuses on the use of front-end libraries or frameworks, programming website backend content management, managing deployment and installation on servers, and running SQL queries on databases.

Five (5) courses / Fifteen (15) semester credit hours.

Program Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge of advanced concepts and theories of computer science including issues of computability, data organization, binary data manipulation, data storage, and data retrieval.
  • Utilize high-level, computer languages that incorporate object-oriented design techniques.
  • Utilize advanced problem-solving and critical-thinking techniques to design, develop, and use complex computer applications, data analytics systems, and security protocols.
  • Apply advanced numeracy and economic management skills in business and technology industry settings.

Full Stack Development Certificate

Course No. Course Name Prerequisites Credits
CS277 Intro to Programming in Python CS100* 3
CS384 Python Software Development CS277* 3
CS301 Front End Foundations- JavaScript CS100* 3
CS382 Database Foundations CS100* 3
CS497 Advanced Web Development – React CS277* 3
  Total Credits Required   15

*Coding Foundations must be completed before beginning the five courses of the Full Stack Development Certificate program. (CS100 Coding Foundations) the Full Stack Development Certificate.